Choosing Your New Porsche Tires

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Your new Porsche vehicle was crafted with some of the highest possible standards for Birmingham roads. The same standards apply to the Porsche Tire Approval Program, which conducts rigorous testing and development so that you can replace your tires with an OEM product. This even applies to vintage Porsche vehicles, so read below as the parts center at Fred Lavery Porsche Company covers all things Porsche tires below!

Why Choose Porsche Tires?

The Porsche Tires recommended by the Porsche tire approval program aren’t just highlighted because they are the right size. If you want to find Porsche tires that aren’t under the list of Porsche tires recommended in Farmington Hills, you’re taking an extra risk. Porsche tires that come from the program have been tested specifically for your vehicle, and they come from brands like:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • And more!

Finding the Porsche Tires Recommended for Your Vehicle

Rochester Hills Porsche-owners have the opportunity to order parts at Fred Lavery Porsche Company! With the help of our experts, you’ll be able to find a tire that fits your needs. Our dealership has dedicated itself to providing quick and easy access to OEM parts like Porsche tires. Here are some guidelines for shopping:

  • How to Find Your Tire Size: If you’re unsure of the size of your Porsche tires, it’s simple to look them up. Your handy owner’s manual always includes them and so does the driver’s side door jamb on occasion.
  • Shopping By Model Year: Many drivers also shop by model year, another simple way to find the Porsche tires recommended for your specific vehicle.

Where to Find Porsche Flat Tire Repair

What do you do when you have a flat tire in Bloomfield Hills and want to make sure you get high-quality service? The Porsche Limited Warranty comes with 24-hour roadside assistance, including Porsche flat tire repair.

You’ll also find Porsche flat tire repair at our service center, where our experts are trained on the ins and outs of Porsche tires!

Find Porsche Parts Specials Today!

At Fred Lavery Porsche Company, we don’t just want to give Birmingham drivers a great luxury vehicle. We want to empower you to keep your beloved Porsche in great shape with Porsche tires and more among our parts specials. Read up on more parts tips and contact us today to find your Porsche tires. Also be sure to learn more about how to keep your Porsche tires in check when you read up on how to rotate your tires.

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