Porsche E-Performance

2021 Porsche Taycan
If you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle to a hybrid or electric model, you may have heard of Porsche E-Performance. This refers to Porsche’s ambitious lineup of partial and fully-electric vehicles, along with a powerful infrastructure of charging stations, innovative new equipment, and more, all designed around a single unified concept: electromobility. We’ve got everything you need to know about Porsche E-Performance below, so read on! Then, if you’d like to check out our hybrid and electric models yourself, head to our inventory of new and certified pre-owned vehicles to see what’s on offer.

What is Porsche E-Performance?

Porsche E-Performance is Porsche’s answer to the increasing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles. More and more drivers are looking to upgrade from traditional gas-powered vehicles, and Porsche has answered with a sophisticated new concept called electromobility. This concept includes Porsche’s fully-electric vehicles (like the luxurious 2021 Taycan) and their hybrid plug-ins (like the 2019 Cayenne), together with powerful new charging equipment and facilities to make your Birmingham rides as smooth and convenient as possible. The main components of Porsche E-Performance are the vehicles themselves, Porsche charging infrastructure, and numerous charging locations throughout all 50 states. You may even qualify for federal or state tax credits for driving one of these incredible vehicles!

Porsche Charging

At the heart of Porsche E-Performance is Porsche charging. Charging the battery is essential to keeping your Rochester Hills vehicle in top condition, and Porsche charging makes it easier than ever. All Porsche electric vehicles and hybrid plug-ins feature sophisticated charging ports and equipment. Each charging port is specifically tailored for that model, so you can charge the battery as quickly and efficiently as possible and get right back out on the road. If you’d like to charge your Porsche electric vehicle at home, you can install the Porsche Charging Dock and Porsche Compact Charging Pedestal. Or, if you’d rather, you can use one of hundreds of high-performance public charging facilities throughout the United States.

Find Out More About E-Performance at Fred Lavery Porsche Company!

We’re proud to offer both electric and hybrid vehicles here at Fred Lavery Porsche Company. If you’d like to learn more about Porsche E-Performance, or check out our inventory in person, contact our office today!


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